7 things to Look for in a Wedding DJ

1. It would be nice to find a Wedding DJ who has provided disc jockey service for at least 100 successful weddings. Many amateurs usually make plenty of mistakes when starting out. With a memorable event such as a marriage ceremony and reception, an experienced Wedding Deejay is always the best choice.

2. In case things may go wrong with equipment, it’s always better to hire a DJ who carry 2 sets of Deejay Sound Gear to your wedding. It’s a good sign of a pro DJ when they bring at least 3 speakers, 2 amps, 2 sound mixing gear, possibly a laptop for DJing, and another CDJ type gear as a backup to the laptop.

3. It’s always good practice for Wedding DJs to arrive at the event at least 3 hours before the ceremony. Setting up should take an hour or less. The extra 2 hours is adequate for sound checks, and program runs. Usually, the Floral Arrangers and Decorators are setting up 3 hours or more before the event. This allows the DJ to setup and work cooperatively with the venue’s decor as well.

4. The Professional Wedding DJ also has good taste in clothing when it comes to your special event. You can also tell much about the DJ’s professionalism on how they dress during the interview process.

5. Vendors having a flat tire on the way to your Wedding Day is not a good excuse. The Professional Wedding DJ needs to act accordingly. As #3 shows, showing up 3 hours (or possibly earlier) before the ceremony is excellent. In addition, a DJ group traveling in 2 vehicles would be more ideal. In case, one car becomes non-functional, the other car can carry the DJ equipment to arrive at the Wedding Event in a timely manner.

6. A brilliant Wedding DJ also has a good selection of clean and edited music. Clean music to keep the atmosphere proper (in case there are children or conservative guests at your wedding). Edited music (for example, a 3 minute version of an 8 minute long song) would also be a good sign of a Pro DJ. Having short version of songs keeps the ambiance fresh, exciting, and fun.

7. Finally, the Professional Wedding DJ is very respectful and courteous. It’s been seen time and time again of hired music agents acting inappropriate, getting too drunk, overly flirting and picking up on guests during the event. This type of partying might seem harmless (depending on the type of guests you are inviting). However, with an abundance of video camera phones and digi cams, this can easily end up on YouTube or other sites. It seems wiser to hire a DJ with a more professional vibe for your wedding. After all, many people will remember your special day.

*This is just a brief overview. You can tell much about the DJ from their demeanor during the interview, how they dress, and even on their social media. For more tips, feel free to receive RSS feeds about this blog. If looking for a Professional Wedding DJ, feel free to email us at info@djhvidal.com

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